We are committed to maintaining and improving our Client Care Policy.  
We aim to provide quality services to our clients by:

  • Delivering all our services in a friendly, responsive and reliable way.
  • Treating all clients with respect and courtesy.
  • Providing a standard of service that meets our clients’ expectations. 
  • Endeavouring to provide a defect free service.
  • Dealing with issues in a timely manner.
  • Taking a problem solving approach.
  • Providing our clients with explanations of any actions to be taken.

In order to put this Client Care Policy into practice we will endeavour to:

  • Deal with client requests, enquiries and concerns promptly.
  • Treat and protect all clients’ information as confidential.
  • Provide clients with accurate and relevant information and advice.
  • Welcome clients’ views on our services.
  • Consult regularly with our clients to ensure that our services remain appropriate and accessible.
  • Treat any and all complaints seriously. Continually try to improve our service.